ANZ Branch Committee

The following members were elected to the ICS ANZ Branch Committee at the AGM on 29 August 2019 and elected/appointed to the respective Offices at the subsequent Business Meeting:

The Branch Committee:

Capt Robert Hawkins FICS NZ Chair
Mr Adam Kuner FICS VIC Vice-Chair & Editor
Capt Francis Castellino MICS VIC Treasurer
Ms Manisha Taneja MICS VIC  
Mr William Macdonald FICS NSW  
Capt Norman Lopez FICS QLD Education Officer
Capt Nigel D’Souza FICS VIC Public Officer
Mr Nicholas Vann FICS VIC ex-Officio Chair
Mr Anthony Pegum FICS WA  
Mr Mark North MICS WA  
Ms Emily Pointon MICS NSW  
Mr Felix Van Aalst MICS NZ  
Capt Ranjith Munidasa FICS WA  
Mr Stuart Wilkinson MICS NSW  
Capt Munaf Shaikh MICS WA  
Mr Michael Newman FICS QLD  
Other appointees:
Ms Janani Dissanayake MICS VIC Webmaster
Ms Jessica Warren, Student VIC Young ICS President & Social Media Secretary
New Zealand Chapter:
Capt Robert Hawkins FICS   Chairman
Ms Amy Cai MICS   Treasurer
Branch membership vetting committee:
Capt Nigel D’Souza FICS Melbourne
Capt Robert Hawkins FICS Auckland
Mr Anthony Pegum FICS Perth

We welcome our new Members - The ANZ Branch is pleased to welcome our new members.

Bespoke Professional Development Courses - The ICS (ANZ Branch) is offering bespoke courses and workshops specific to the needs of the client, delivered by ICS approved tutors.

International Tutorship Program - The Australia and New Zealand Branch is also an International Teaching Centre, bringing the International Tutorship program right to your doorstep.

All Hands! - Read our Branch Newsletter

Annual General Meeting 2019 - The ICS Branch 2019 AGM was held on Thursday 29 August in Melbourne.

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