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Professional Development Courses tailored to your specific business

The ICS (ANZ Branch) is offering bespoke tutoring courses and/or workshops based on the ICS syllabus.  The content of which can be modified to in order to meet the particular needs of the client.

We have delivered five bespoke Chartering courses and workshops for our clients in Melbourne and Brisbane; and have delivered two bespoke courses on Charter Party for clients in Western Australia.

Commercial Shipping Practice

The 7th edition of this popular course was held at the Port of Brisbane on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2019.

There were 13 attendees who came from mining companies, soft commodity traders, surveyors, ships agents and shipowners.

Nigel D’Souza FICS as Course Director produced his usual virtuoso performance and was ably assisted by the Course Coordinator Nick Vann FICS and the branch’s Education Officer Norman Lopez FICS.

Positive feedback from those attending has encouraged us to plan to run this course again in Australia or New Zealand in 2020.

If any of you think this course could have appeal in your own cities please let us know.

Chartering course and workshop

Training is fully flexible – it can be delivered at the client’s office or at other locations and at times suitable to the client. All ICS bespoke courses and workshops are delivered by ICS approved tutors – employing not academics, but commercial shipping professionals—Fellows of the Institute—as the Course Directors.

If you believe that your office staff can take advantage of additional specialised training, email for further information.

Time: 0900 to 1600 each day – 2 day course

Cost: TBA per participant [includes course notes, morning & afternoon tea and lunch]

Course Overview

Australia/New Zealand Branch Chartering course is aimed at all those involved in the supply chain of raw materials/bulk cargoes and who would like to know more or expand their knowledge of the commercial shipping industry with its particular emphasis on chartering, ship operations and post-operational matters eg claims, legal and financial administration.

The Course Directors are highly experienced shipping practitioners in the dry and wet markets with hands on experience gained over many years in the shipping industry.

Course details

Session 1:

The role of the broker and associated practical matters in broking

Shipping markets, indices and the principles of the freight derivatives market

Session 2:

Chartering practice, types of charters etc.

Charter parties with a focus on specific terms and clauses

Session 3:

Important terms used in charter-parties

Practical voyage estimating and related matters

Session 4:

Legal regimes that apply to commercial shipping

An overview of marine insurance and its application to owners and charterers

Practical matters in a shipping office function including an overview of lay-time and claims

Course fees: TBA per person

Course duration: 2 days, full time

The course will include the provision of tea/coffee and a light lunch on both days and each attendee will be supplied with a copy of the ICS Dry Cargo Chartering (or Tanker Chartering) text book.

Contact for Event

For more information about this course or to register your interest to attend a course near you, email

Similar courses are being considered for Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland in 2017-2018.

Below is a short report on the three courses and workshops recently conducted at Brisbane and Melbourne. 


The first ICS bespoke chartering course and workshop held in Melbourne on 31 August and 1 September 2015 was a huge success, with nine delegates (see attached article) from several companies including shipowners, mining companies, oil traders and liner operators attending.

The second ICS bespoke chartering course and workshop was held on 12 and 13 October 2016 (see attached article) with eleven delegates from a variety of companies including dry cargo owners/operators, oil traders and bulk commodity traders.


Following the success of the first ICS bespoke chartering course and workshop, we followed up by holding the same course in Brisbane on 19 and 20 October 2015.  There were eleven delegates (see attached article) from several companies including shipowners, shipbrokers, mining companies, agri-oil traders and gas companies.

Understanding Shipping

For the new-comers to the maritime industry or for those who would like to break into this industry, Understanding Shipping is your introduction and the ideal start to your professional development.   The New Zealand Chapter administers the Understanding Shipping course which is separate to the courses offered through the DLC.

Want to know more click here.

Understanding Shipping

Maritime World Explained

Would you like to broaden your knowledge, develop your understanding of the industry and enhance your CV?  Do you want your staff to possess a greater knowledge and understanding of the wider industry you work?  Or are you new to the shipping world and want to increase your industry knowledge?

Then Maritime World Explained is the answer.

This extensive one-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the shipping industry and is an excellent way to enhance your knowledge of it.  It provides a valuable insight that enhances individual understanding, which in turn improves the quality of ser vice you offer to your employer or your clients.  Designed and delivered by ICS approved trainers, who are well-established experts in their field.

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