Ethics and standards

Professionalism couples trust and integrity with knowledge of one’s business. The Institute is uniquely placed in combining these 2 tenets.

ICS sets, after consultation with the industry, the syllabus for the Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE) for membership.

Its members agree to abide by the motto “Our Word Our Bond”.

Membership is the proven demonstration of knowledge through examination and the agreement to conduct one’s business to high ethical standards that mark members of commercial shipping’s professional body as professionals.

One can have excellent business ethical standards and limited knowledge or alternatively be very well acquainted with one’s business but have limited ethical behaviour.  There are some very well educated crooks!  Equally there are many of the obverse persuasion too!!

Although ICS prepares candidates for their Professional Qualifying Examinations through its distance and e-learning programmes and in co-operation with many other education providers but in a nutshell, it is professionalism that is the Institute’s Unique Selling Point (USP).

Membership is the only internationally respected professional qualification in shipping.

ICS is the professional body for commercial shipping worldwide. Established in 1911 and incorporated by Royal Charters in 1920 and 1984, it is charged with raising professional standards within the shipping industry through education and example.


We welcome our new Members - The ANZ Branch is pleased to welcome our new members.

Bespoke Professional Development Courses - The ICS (ANZ Branch) is offering bespoke courses and workshops specific to the needs of the client, delivered by ICS approved tutors.

International Tutorship Program - The Australia and New Zealand Branch is also an International Teaching Centre, bringing the International Tutorship program right to your doorstep.

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Annual General Meeting 2021 -

The 21st  Annual General Meeting of the ICS Australia and New Zealand Branch will be held on:

Date: Monday 23 August 2021

Time: 1100 Perth  I  1300 Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane  I  1500 New Zealand

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Mode: Teleconference.

If you have not received your emailed/mailed invitation, please Contact Us.

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