Student registration

Registrations have commenced for the ICS academic year 2019-2020, with the exams scheduled to be held in November 2019 (limited subjects and centres) and in May 2020 (all subjects and expanded number of centres).

Register as a Student to sit the ICS exams. When you register as a student you may wish to consider enrolling with Tutorship, a structured approach to learning with a local tutor to guide you.

You may email if you require assistance with the registration process.

Education Education Fees for 2019-2020


The Australia and New Zealand Branch have also instituted the following awards for students registered with the Branch:

Branch Award:  $400 awarded to the student who obtains the Highest Aggregate marks in one sitting (November or April).

Excellence Award:  $200 awarded to every Distinction obtained in any subject.



We welcome our new Members - The ANZ Branch is pleased to welcome our new members.

Bespoke Professional Development Courses - The ICS (ANZ Branch) is offering bespoke courses and workshops specific to the needs of the client, delivered by ICS approved tutors.

International Tutorship Program - The Australia and New Zealand Branch is also an International Teaching Centre, bringing the International Tutorship program right to your doorstep. Find out more by emailing

All Hands! - Read our Branch Newsletter

Annual General Meeting 2019 - The ICS Branch 2019 AGM was held on Thursday 29 August in Melbourne. The minutes of the AGM will be distributed shortly.

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